-words by DJ Wes-

 Based in Echo Park Los Angeles, GoodMood is an Event DJ Company built around a love of music and a life long friendship. Dom and I grew up just a few streets apart in a small Orange County suburb and like most kids from the OC, our lives were filled with skating, sneaking out at night, and the eternal search for a little excitement. 

But excitement can be hard to come by when you don't have a car, and more often then not we didn't. So we looked in other directions, and for some reason (good luck?) we both gravitated towards music. First it was dad's Motown records, and the disco CD's mom kept around the house, then came the hip-hop listening sessions at In-N-Out after school. But as we got older our love of music became deeper, wider, and more inspired. Separately and together we spent hours listening to the good stuff. For us it was Aretha Franklin, Queen, James Brown, The Stooges, Dr. Dre, Bowie, and The Beastie Boys among others. We couldn't get enough. 

Life continued, and after high school Dom and I headed in different directions - but our paths turned out to have some unexpected similarities. Dominic became a professional skater, and I played in a number of bands. While Dominic's demanding skate schedule was taking him across the world and exposing him to incredible DJ scenes in Korea, Germany, and France, my fruitful indie music projects were placing me in close proximity to many of LA's talented producers and DJ's, who peaked my early interest in mixing.

But skating and playing in indie bands can be a tough way to make a living. Then, one sunny day, a door opened and I walked through it. My Silverlake housemate asked if I wanted to make some extra money helping out the guys at RedShoe, a well regarded DJ outfit in Los Angeles. I said yes. For a few months I helped them load in, set up, and soundcheck at events... and slowly I started to realize that DJ'ing a wedding could actually be incredibly cool when done right, and that's what these guys were doing! They recognized that I had musical talent, and thought I might be a good fit for the DJ world. I watched and listened for a year and then they brought me on board. Despite never having imagined a career in anything but a band, I quickly started to become an increasingly sought after DJ.

Soon after things got rolling with RedShoe, Dominic and I happened to reconnect. He was thinking about taking a break from the constant skate tours and looking to spend more time with music. Being that he was already the most talented producer and DJ I knew, there really wasn't much to talk about. He joined the fold shortly thereafter. We honed our craft, DJ’ing movie premiere parties, galas, corporate events, weddings, charities, and private parties for clients who loved music, but didn't know how to put it all together in a way that would capture the right tone and feel. That's where we came in. Hand crafting soundtracks to reflect our client's tastes - that became our specialty. And there was one more thing we happened to be good at: delivering a real dance party.

As the dance floors rolled into the wee hours and our reputations began to take shape, the pieces fell into place. Dom and I saw that we could do something really unique - build a soundtrack around a handful of our client's favorite artists, and at the end of the night, craft a dance party which extended that vision with live mixing, beat-matching, mashups, and unexpected runs! And while I can't deny that throwing a kick-ass dance party is an incredible feeling, I can say that even more important to us is when a couple hears their own music playing a strong role in that dance party - We've seen the looks on their faces and it is magic.

And that's how we got here. That's why we do what we do. We believe in collaboration. We believe that the best parties start with your vibe, and grow outward from there. We believe a good DJ doesn't get in the way of the party, or turn the spotlight on himself. Its about your tastes and the best music. Thats why, before the party begins, we want to know about you and the music you love. So, give us a shout and let's chat.

Said it before and we'll say it again:

We collaborate. We curate. And we cultivate that GoodMood just for you. 


Wes Riechmann

Co-Founder and dj

Raised on Motown, Doo-Wop, Funk, and Soul - Wesley developed a deep love of the classics at an early age and a life in music soon followed. After college Wes relocated from Orange County to LA to record, play, and work with more serious artists. Being a "band" centric musician, he surprised everyone, including himself, as his talent for DJ'ing slowly revealed itself and began to tip the scales away from his band projects. However unexpected it may have been, it was easy to see he had a knack for the decks and soon the bands and recording sessions gave way to dance floors and turn tables. 5 years after he began DJ'ing private events he co-founded GoodMood.

"I'm always chasing that special mix. The best is finding two artists, separated by decades of musical history, with 2 unrelated songs, that fit together in ways that are too perfect to have planned - you feel like you can hear them talking to each other! Those are my favorite moments..."

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Dominic Sagona

Co-Founder and DJ

Growing up on his mother's CD collection - which consisted of everything from Phil Collins to Bobby Brown, and NOFX to Warren G - Dom's appreciation for music spans the entire bracket. Now in his mid-30's, he's been actively DJ'ing since he was in high school. Detailed and meticulous, he also finds enjoyment in being nerdy, playing video games, and producing / releasing electronic music in his spare time. From professional skater to professional DJ, Dom's spent his entire life pursuing the things he's passionate about - and he always winds up with a crowd gathering to watch him work. He currently lives with his family in Riverside, California. 

"Growing up I was a bit of a wild kid and I've always loved a good party! Part of the reason I love DJ'ing is I love helping people have a great time!"